Classroom resources

Each Collisions game comes with free supporting resources to use in the classroom.  View and download these resources by game or check out the description of each resource below to see which ones best fit your needs.

Resource descriptions

Quickstart Guides
The Quick Start Guides provide a sample of guided questions and students prompts to incorporate each Collisions game into your lesson for both pre-instructional and post-instructional use.  This is a great resource for first time Collisions users to quickly get started!

Game Guides
The Game Guides provide a detailed look at each Collisions game and highlight the chemistry concepts integrated into gameplay.  This is a great resource to use when mapping the Collisions games throughout your curriculum.

Student Quests
The Student Quests are activities that are directly aligned to each game level and can be used to track student solutions and extend the learning by prompting students to draw connections to concepts covered in class.  Have your students work through the quest as an extension assignment throughout a unit.

Student Check for Understandings
The Student Check for Understandings are quick formative assessment activities that can be used to assess student mastery of key concepts covered during gameplay.  Use these as an exit ticket or homework assignment in your classroom!

Sandbox Activities
The Sandbox Activities are analysis activities that can be used when teaching a specific topic in your curriculum.  In these activities, student ‘collect data’ in the Sandbox and analyze the results to draw conclusions about a concept.  Use these as a group activity to practice and reinforce a specific concept with your students.