Subscription options

PlayMada Games offers a wide variety of affordably priced annual subscriptions that include:

  • Individual teacher and student account access to both the tablet and web versions
  • Robust game content that covers Atoms, Ions, Ionic Bonding, Covalent Bonding, and Acids & Bases (new!)
  • Access to the exploratory Sandbox and leveled game challenges for each content area
  • Game progress saved between play sessions
  • A teacher dashboard that provides performance reports (coming fall 2017)

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Single Class


For use by a single teacher with a single class (up to 35 students).


Up to 3 classes   $395
Up to 6 classes   $750

For use by a single teacher with multiple classes (up to 35 students per class).



For use by multiple teachers with multiple classes across a school building (up to 35 students per class).

District Subscription

Call for custom pricing!

For use by multiple teachers and classes across a single school district.

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