CollisionsTM is a system of interconnected digital chemistry games designed to give middle and high school students a deepened understanding of fundamental chemistry concepts through play.

Currently available on iPad, Android tablets, and the web via subscription or try Atoms for free!

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Learning to play = learning chemistry
The rules of Collisions are grounded in the rules of chemistry, so as students learn to play the game, they simultaneously learn chemistry.
Systems thinking
Collisions demonstrates how different chemistry concepts affect one another. Just like in chemistry, everything in the game is interconnected.
Highly interactive
Collisions makes abstract concepts tangible by allowing students to see and touch the building blocks of matter.
Exploratory environment
Collisions provides students with a safe space to make mistakes as part of the learning process.
Developed with teachers in mind

Use Collisions your way
Designed as modular and interconnected spaces, Collisions can be used flexibly in a flipped classroom, to introduce a lesson, and for extra practice or homework.

Reach the entire class
Collisions couples immersive play with immediate and meaningful feedback to engage students of varying skill and interest levels.

Access meaningful data
Coming soon, a teacher portal will offer performance data to quickly identify students’ successes and challenges as well as their progress.

What does Collisions cover?
Collisions presents the system of chemistry through interconnected games that can be played individually or as a whole. Currently, the games included are Acids & Bases, Atoms, Covalent Bonding, Intermolecular Forces, Ionic Bonding, and Ions. During play, students not only learn concepts from these content areas, but also how they directly affect one another. Collisions is always growing, so we look forward to hearing from educators and students about their experiences.
Free teacher resources
The Game Guides provide an overview of each Collisions content area and highlight the chemistry concepts integrated into the game.
The Student Quests are post-gameplay activities designed to extend student learning and draw connections between Collisions and the chemistry classroom.